Ways Help Desk IT Support Helps Your Business

Ways Help Desk IT Support Helps Your Business
January 29, 2022 Anne McAuley Lopez
Help Desk IT Support

When I was in the corporate world more than a decade ago, there were still help desk tickets that needed to be filled out on pen and paper. While I recognize we may have been living in the dark ages, it was our process. Because it was antiquated, it was easy to lose those requests, causing delays in getting issues addressed. Stay out of the dark ages and get help desk IT support for your team.

Ways Help Desk IT Support Helps Your Business

The TekConcierge help desk tracks, monitors, and responds to communication from your employees about tech-related issues they are facing. If email isn’t working or the internet isn’t as fast as it can be, those may be reasons we are contacted. As we work together for an extended period, these calls also give us an indication of where we can improve the user experience. 

  1. Create efficiencies. Your IT Team doesn’t need to be answering day-to-day inquiries from employees. We understand your team needs solutions which is why our trained technicians and help desk concierges are here for your team. The more we can help, the less downtime for your employees. That makes the entire business run more efficiently.
  2. Experts at the ready. Our team is here to escalate problems, answer questions, and get your team back to business as soon as possible. While not all problems are easily solvable, you can rest assured TekConcierge is here to find solutions. We’re your experts at the ready.
  3. All IT requests in one place. Stop sorting through emails of tech issues. The Help Desk IT Support team logs all requests so they’re in one place. It’s easy to refer to calls and allows us to see trends in what is happening, perhaps issues your managers aren’t even aware of yet. In this way, we can make recommendations of other services that can benefit your business.
  4. Establish a Help Desk Hierarchy. There’s nothing more anxiety-inducing to me than when I am not sure where to start with a task. I imagine your IT team is similar. When there is a Help Desk IT Support partner, help desk issues can be addressed in order of priority so users know exactly where in the queue their request is. Shipping a new mouse to an employee may not be as important as addressing a server issue so our team will give the server ticket a higher priority than the mouse. In this way, your IT team understands what is happening and can address the issues in a hierarchy of needs.
  5. Streamline issues. If technicians can batch work, it makes them more efficient and better able to solve more problems in less time. They can resolve server issues, then email issues, then whatever is next. Managers are better able to track and analyze where the IT team is working.

As managers understand where Help Desk IT Support issues are trending, they can begin to build strategies to address the problems on a more company-wide scale. Investing in a help desk will allow you to manage and plan better and will streamline processes. Call us today to learn more!


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