5 Ways Architecture IT Services Benefits Your Firm

5 Ways Architecture IT Services Benefits Your Firm
March 21, 2022 Anne McAuley Lopez
Architecture IT Services

As your Architecture IT Services provider, we are here to support your firm as it grows and changes. Whether you’re seeking solutions for cloud services, are moving to a new office, or want an expert to help you, TekConcierge is here for your technology needs. From upgrading hardware and updating software to finding space in the cloud for client projects and architecture software to securing data, our team has the experience and dedication to find solutions.

5 Ways Architecture IT Services Benefits Your Firm

  1. Experienced Team. As an experienced Architecture IT Services provider, we understand what it takes to keep your firm running efficiently. From a technology and security standpoint, we support the programs you use most including ArchiCAD, Revit, and Chief Architect. You won’t spend time explaining why it is integral to your business because we already understand. Instead, we can get right to work addressing issues and making sure data is secure.
  2. Scalability. Whether you’re expanding your team or have landed a huge project that requires additional storage, we scale with you. Our cloud services offer the opportunity to move from in-house servers to the cloud which has as much space as you need. That means more space in your building or the opportunity to move to a remote work environment.
  3. 24/7/365 Help Desk and Monitoring. We’re working even when you are on vacation or away from the office. We make sure systems are updated and running with as limited a risk to breach as possible. In addition, our help desk is available to your team any day, any time. We want the business to be as efficient as you do so we’re always here for you.
  4. Savings. Because we offer flat-rate monthly plans, you never have to worry if the call to the help desk is covered by your plan. You will always know the cost of our Architecture IT Services support. When the scope of our work changes, we will be sure to get approval before starting our work.
  5. IT Consulting. As your Architecture IT Services team, we are here for consulting. Thinking of a big change to your firm? Starting a big project and want to be sure the technology is in place? Changing architecture software or client management software? For these and more, TEK Concierge is here for IT consulting.

The bottom line is that Tek Concierge wants to do exactly what our name is – Technology Concierge. We are dedicated to providing support for your architecture firm. No matter the size of the project, we’re the Architecture IT Services company of choice.


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